Saturday, 29 June 2013

Start Earning Cash, No Investment Needed

Major Developments Are Taking Place At The Wealth Builders Network WBN7000

You can now join the Wealth Builders FREE of Charge to Start Building Wealth that will last.
No investment is needed, No subscription fees are required.

This is all you need to do:

1. Just subscribe now to this blogpage (subscription form is at the top right corner of this blogpage) and secure a position for yourself on the company 10x1 matrix
2. Use the blogpage link you will receive in your emailbox to promote WBN7000, and earn cash when people sign up.

You will Earn:
  • $0.1 on the next 10 in line positions after you, of paid subscribers. It doesn't matter who referred them you still earn from them.
  • $2 on your direct referrals that join as paid subscribers

You can increase your earning power by upgrading to a paid subscriber. As a paid subscriber you earn
  • $1 from the next 10 in line positions filled by paid subscribers after you
  • $8 from your first 10 direct referrals that join as paid subscribers.

Paid subscription fee is $20. Payable through any of our accepted payment processors.

Have a great wealth building experience

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