The Wealth Builders Network WBN7000 is a revolutionary program that is guaranteed to put lots of money in your pockets quickly. This program runs on the stable and trusted platforms of Google Gmail, Google Blogger, and Microsoft Database with the best offline member verification and matrix calculation technology available, to ensure everyone gets paid correctly and promptly. The advantage of the FREE platforms over a more customized website is that less funds is spent on maintaining our online services and more money is available to share out to WBN7000 members. This is why you can earn so much so quickly on this program.

2. Can everyone join this program?
Yes everyone from all countries can join, but you must be of legal age in your country to participate in this program, and in all the cases your minimal age must be 18 years. WBN7000 is a global opportunity for anybody wishing to make additional money online in a risk free environment.

3. I want to get started how do i join WBN7000?
To get started now, subscribe on the top right side of the WBN7000 blogpage you are viewing, and an email with getting started instructions will be sent to the email address you provided. Make sure you provide a valid email address when subscribing. You can subscribe to WBN7000 as a free member or a paid subscriber.

Subscribe now to WBN7000
Subscription form is at the top right side of this blogpage

4. How does this program work for paid subscribers?
When You pay the WBN7000 subscription fee of $20, you receive your WBN7000 unique blogpage. Start referring people to subscribe to your blogpage. You earn $8 from first 10 paid subscribers that subscribed directly under you, and $5 from other paid subscribers joining under you after the first 10. You can re-enter the matrix as many times as you like, at newer positions with $20 payment to keep earning $8 from next 10 direct referrals that pay to subscribe and $1 from next 10 in line positions that pay to subscribe.

5. When Do I Get Paid?
Users get paid instantly into their WBN7000 accounts as new members sign up after them.

6. Can i earn on WBN7000 as a free member?
Yes you can. As a free member you can start referring others to subscribe to your uniquely assigned blogpage. As a free member you earn $0.1 each from the next 10 positions after you, taken up by members that pay their subscription fees. You also earn $2 for every direct referral you get that pays their subscription fees. You do not earn any money on other free members that join WBN7000.

7. What about your payment processors?
Our accepted payment processors are PAYZA, PERFECT MONEY & EGOPAY. The only fees charged for withdrawal of funds are the payment processor fees. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $1 and the maximum is $900 (per day). We process withdrawal requests instantly but allow a max 48 hours for funds to be available in your payment processor account.

8. How do i access my account to view my earnings and genealogy? All i see is a blogpage
You can access your account details anytime by email request to wbn7000contactcenter@gmail.com. All  communications on WBN7000 are email based. Latest signups and other important informations are posted regularly on our blogpage, and emailed to members in our newsletters.

Subscribe now to WBN7000
Subscription form is at the top right side of this blogpage

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