Monday, 3 June 2013

WBN7000 Introduces A Unique Direct Referrals Earning System

Welcome to the WEALTH BUILDERS NETWORK - WBN7000. You can make huge earnings with little or no investment. This really works! Our money making system is tested and trusted. You are guaranteed to EARN THE MOST here on your direct referrals.

This is a paying site

The Wealth Builders Network WBN7000 is a revolutionary program that is guaranteed to put lots of money in your pockets quickly. This program runs on the stable and trusted platforms of Google Gmail, Google Blogger, and Microsoft Database with the best offline member verification and matrix calculation technology available, to ensure everyone gets paid correctly and promptly. The advantage of the FREE platforms over a more customized website is that less funds is spent on maintaining our online services and more money is available to share out to WBN7000 members. This is why you can earn so much so quickly on this program.

Join early! Join Now!

We are now in Pre-Launch.
Pre-Launch kickoff date: 6th of June, 2013.

Highlights and Features of WBN7000 program:

WBN7000 subscription $20:

- Your unique WBN7000 blogpage referral link to build up your direct referrals
    (Direct referrals are people that subscribed to this program through your blogpage and paid for their subscription)

- Secures your position in the 10x1 company matrix

- Earn $1 from the next 10 positions to be filled up after you, irrespective of whom their sponsors are

- Earn $8 each from your direct referrals that pay their subscription fees.

Signup notifications and transaction alerts will be communicated via email, please use a valid email when subscribing to WBN7000

The Admin of this program is honest and can be trusted
This is a paying program

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